RingCentral Referral Program FAQs


What is the RingCentral Referral Program?

The RingCentral Referral Program rewards participating individuals with eGift cards for referring a business or organization to RingCentral that results in a sale. Once the referred business meets all reward program terms and conditions, the eGift card is awarded to the individual who submitted the referral. See program terms and conditions for complete details.


Who can join the RingCentral Referral Program?

The program is for individuals in the United States and Canada. The referrer cannot be an owner, employee, or agent of the referee. The referrer cannot be an owner, employee, or agent of an organization with which RingCentral has an affiliate agreement. The referrer cannot be a reseller of RingCentral services. The referrer cannot be an employee of RingCentral.


How does RingCentral Referral Program work?

Register to join the referral program here. Once you have an account, please sign in here.

Use your created account to submit your referrals directly to us. Or, you can share your personalized URL with friends, peers, and colleagues. If they respond by filling out the form on your personalized URL, we will contact them.

Once your referral becomes a customer for 2 months, you will receive $100 in eGift cards via email. Please allow 7 days for the email to be delivered to you.


What is the reward?

You will get a $100 eGift card for every business that becomes a customer. The referred must be a customer for at least 2 months before the referee gets the reward.


How will I get my reward?

Tango Card® will send you an email to your registered email associated with your RingCentral Referral Program account. The email will link to the Tango Card website. From there, you can assign dollar amounts to the gift cards we offer.


Is there a limit of how much I can be rewarded?

No, there is no limit to the rewards earned.


How can I track my referral’s status?

When you use your RingCentral Referral Program to make referrals, your referrals detailed status will automatically show in your RingCentral Referral Program portal. Just click “My Account” in the menu to see the status.


How do I refer someone?

Use your RingCentral Referral Program account and submit your referrals. Or, get your personalized URL to share with your network. They have a chance to respond to your personalized URL by filling out the form indicating their interest in being contacted by us.


Can I have the resources to share RingCentral with my network?

Yes. The RingCentral Referral Program account gives you a prewritten email and social media posts that contain your personal URL. This URL solicits your referee to fill out a form.


Who can’t I refer?

You cannot refer these people: value-added reseller customers, AT&T Office@Hand customers, other referrals, and yourself.
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